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Investing in Lake Front Property – Texas Hill Country

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One of the best investments for rental property is lake front real estate.  There are many benefits to having an investment property on a lake.  Vacation homes provide generous returns on the investment every year.  In addition, market studies show that lake front property increases in value at a faster pace than regular properties.  When you’re ready to sell, lake properties don’t stay on the market for long during thriving real estate markets.

Investors who purchase lake front properties realize substantial growth during the period of ownership.  Tourists and families are attracted to lake front properties and occupy rentals quickly and consistently. Lake front properties that are vacant are typically occupied quickly, so acting quickly provides investors with an opportunity to get an excellent deal on a long-term source of income So why not invest in Lake LBJ? Lake LBJ is located 45 miles northwest of Austin, in the Texas Hill Country.  Lake LBJ is part of the highland lakes area and stretches over 21 miles in length.  In the past few years the Texas drought resulted in severe drops in water levels and in some cases dried out lakes.  Lake LBJ did not suffer from low water levels:  it’s the only lake in Texas where damn systems are used to let water in, but not out during droughts.  The water levels are maintained constantly regardless of how severe a drought may be. The lake is located in two counties:  Llano and Burnett. There are several communities located along the lake, Horseshoe Bay, Granite Shoals, Kingsland, Highland Haven, Sunrise Beach, Deer Haven, and Blue Lake.  This destination offers prime real estate, golf course settings, and a gorgeous view of the Texas Hill Country.   In addition, there’s a yacht club with a water park in Marble Falls.  There are an assortment of parks and tourist attractions along the lake towns. Although most of the homes have boathouses, you don’t have to worry about providing a boat.  Renters can bring their own boats.   Texans drive to Lake LBJ from all over Texas and are known to take their boats with them when vacationing on the lake.  For those who don’t own a boat, there are many boat rental options available on the lake. The demand for rentals is high on Lake LBJ and the prices that vacationers are paying prove it.  The current going rate for a 7 bedroom rental located on the water is $1,350 a night during the week and $1,600 a night for weekends which are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

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