Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does your Office have an After-Hours Drop Box?

    A: Our Houston office does have an after-hours drop box.
    Our Austin one does not.
  • Q: I did not have a pet when I moved in; may I have a pet now?

    A: First, email your Property Manager of your request for a pet. Do not move a pet into the property without permission. Zing will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner does allow the pet, an increased security deposit and fee will be required and a pet addendum must be signed.
  • Q: When I move out, what do I need to do to receive my full security deposit back?

    A: We advise that you remove all personal belongings and clean the house thoroughly including floors, walls, trim, windows, bathrooms, counters, cabinets, appliances. All carpets should be shampooed. Gutters should be cleaned out. The roof should be free of leaves and debris. If you are responsible for lawn maintenance, then the grass and hedges need to be trimmed to a reasonable height and all beds should be free of weeds. We ask that all damages be repaired by a licensed contractor that is approved by Zing.
  • Q: What is your leasing criteria?

    A: We perform a background check, credit check, income verification, and landlord reference.
  • Q: Where and how can I pay the application fee?

    A: Once you complete the application online, you will be able to pay online using a checking account only.
  • Q: Can my spouse and I complete one application?

    A: Each adult in the household over the age of 18 must complete and submit a separate application online.
  • Q: What documents do I need to submit along with the application?

    A: We will need submit a copy of your driver’s license/picture ID, social security card, and a month of pay stubs/bank statements, or any other proof of income.
  • Q: What are your pet requirements?

    A: If approved by the owner, there is a minimum $250 non-refundable pet fee per pet. The pet cannot be over 50 lbs. and we do have some dog breed restrictions. We also require renter’s insurance.
  • Q: How can I pay my monthly rent?

    A: You may online from our website and through your bank account or in person/mail at our Houston office thru the third of the month with either personal check, money order or cashier’s check. After the third you must pay in person/or through the mail – no online payment after the third – with a money order or cashier’s check including all fees related to a late payment.
  • Q: When and why do you inspect the property?

    A: According to Item 14. B of the lease, the landlord or anyone authorized by the landlord may enter the property at reasonable time without notices to review the property’s condition and to take pictures to document the

    We inspect the property typically after the third month of the lease and three months before the lease expires. (The owner may request more frequent inspections.) We will contact you approximately 7 calendar days before the inspection date to confirm the date and time with you. And we will need approximately thirty minutes for the inspection which will include all rooms in the house, the laundry room if separate, the garage, and the front and back yards. If during the inspection we identify any maintenance issues we will contact you afterwards by letter. If we identify any repairs that need to be made, you must submit a repair request.

  • Q: What does my lease say about repairs?

    A: Review the Section 18 of your lease for information.
  • Q: How do I submit a repair request?

    A: All repair requests must be in writing. Access our website at www.zingpm.com. At the Tenants tab, click on Contact Us. Log in with your email address user name and password. Complete and submit your request.

    Note: The Residential Lease Inventory and Conditions form you complete shortly after you move in is not a repair request. You must still submit a repair request in writing. And during our periodic inspections, we may identify maintenance and/or repair issues. You must still submit the repair request in writing from our website. The inspection report is not a repair request.

  • Q: Do I have to be home when the contractor comes?

    A: Someone 18 years or older must meet the contractor for the appointment. The contractor will call beforehand to set an appointment.
  • Q: How long will it take for a repair to be completed?

    A: The contractor will assess the situation and, if he can, will do the repair that day. Otherwise he will submit an estimate for the owner to approve. Once an owner approves, the contractor will call you to set an appointment.
  • Q: Will I have to pay anything?

    A: If it is a home on which the owner has a home warranty, you may pay a service fee. The contractor will collect the fee from you at the time of the visit. To be reimbursed, you will submit your receipt to us for a credit to your account.

    If it is determined the repair was caused by you or from your negligence, the cost of the entire repair will be your responsibility. Please see Section 18, Repairs of the lease for further clarification on repairs.
  • Q: What if I have an emergency after hours?

    A: Submit a repair request which you must do for all repair issues. We will receive it right away and contact you.

    Keep in mind emergencies are deemed situations that can affect the health and safety of an individual. If you have a fire, please call the fire department. If you smell gas, please call your gas company. And contact us!
  • Q: What do I do if I have a break in?

    A: Please call the police/local law enforcement agency and file a report right away. Do your best to secure the home and contact Zing immediately by submitting a repair request from our website.
  • Q: How do I renew my lease?

    A: If you want to renew your lease, you can our office as early as 90 days before the lease expiration date. Even if we do not hear from you, we will contact the owner during that time for approval to renew the lease. We will then send the renewal documents to you approximately 60 days before your current lease expires (or as soon as we have approval from the owner).
  • Q: Will my rent go up?

    A: We won’t know until we receive approval from the owner. Based on leasing rates at that time, the owner may decide to keep the rent the same or to increase it. You will have at least 30 days’ notice – as required under your lease – of any change in the rent amount.
  • Q: What if I don’t want to renew?

    A: Let us know. According to the lease, you must provide at least 30 days’ written notice. But if you know before then, please notify us sooner. We will then contact the owner so he has time to decide what he wants to do next with the property.

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