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How to Inspect an Investment House You Want to Buy

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Before you purchase an investment home, you might want to make a list of all the things that need your attention first:

Are There Repairs Needed?

Turn on all the faucets in the house one by one. This may sound a bit silly but you will thank yourself later for doing so. Replacing faucets is not that a big of a deal but it’s a plus on the house’s side if you won’t have to do that anytime soon. 

If the house that you are inspecting has a fireplace then light it up. You are not admiring the cozy interior feature; you are looking to see if the chimney is in tip top shape. If it is just the problem of a dirty chimney then that is not that big an issue, you can call up a chimney sweep for that. But if the problem is something else, that gives you a point to negotiate over.

When you are inspecting the house open all the windows. You are looking to see whether they all work or not. 

Check The Drainage System

Check what is hidden from plain view. Never be afraid to ask the seller to allow you to check the drains. It would be tough if you bought a house and then realize that there is something wrong with your drainage system. Usually the dilemma is when there is a tree branch hindering flow or a collapsed pipe. Anyway the best way to tell whether the drains work is if you fill up all the tubs and sinks and let them drain all at the same time.

Water Taste

If you are buying a house that is a bit far from your local neighborhood then check the local water supply too. Taste the water while you are inspecting that house but not for the water itself but to see how old the pipes are. If the pipes are really old then they might be mixing in some substances into the water supply.


This is an important one. Always remember to flush the toilets in the house. Don’t buy a house that has complex or tricky plumbing. You can end up with a messy situation later.

Is It Safe?

Check the electrical panel of the house. A clean and labeled panel is a good thing. Inspect for open wires or the unnecessary ones that do not connect at all. It is a direct sign that there are live wires inside the wall of the house.

Can You Live In It?

Turn on the heat system of the house. Make sure that this works. You will be spending your winters in this house if you buy it and you do not want to put off the task of fixing it until the last minute.

Pull back the carpets. You are looking for whether the house has hardwood floors and whether there is any mildew or mold. Pull a corner back at the lowest side of the room to check for this.

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