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Enjoy Grilling On Your Patio with an Electric Outdoor Grill

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Spring has finally arrived again and it’s time to enjoy outdoor cooking.  However, open flames are a fire hazard for multi-habitation units.  These types of properties are prohibited from having open flames anywhere near the unit.  There’s another way for you to enjoy cooking on your patio.   If you’re a tenant of an apartment, condo, townhome, or duplex, you can enjoy cooking on your patio without an open flame.  Electric outdoor grills are a great option for you to enjoy cooking outside.  Following are four electric grills that range in price from $89.00 to $500.00.

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill This grill can be used both indoor and outdoor, because the 1600 Watt heating element and cooking surface are completely separated.  Grease is funneled away down the center of the cooking grate to a grease catcher that is non-stick.  This heat output is low and it takes longer to heat.  However, at only $89.00 this is the least expensive electric outdoor grill on the market. Meco Tabletop 9300 Grill This grill comes in a couple of variations: tabletop or mounted on a full height pedestal.  This is a portable grill that is the smallest you can get.  Similar to most electric grills, it has difficulty generating the high temperatures you need for grilling.  Yet, it’s still a bargain at only $126.00. The Outdoor Greatroom Company Legacy 201/e Electric Grill This grill will give an authentic grilling experience.  This grill generates enough heat to sear a steak.  It comes with two cooking areas that allow you to sear or grill.  Priced on the higher end of electric grills at $450.00, grilling vegetables and steaks at the needed temperatures is a synch. Dimplex PowerChef Automatic Tabletop Convertible Outdoor Electric Grill This electric grill has a computer controlled system that allows you to select the food you’re cooking and the grill tells you when to flip or remove the food.  However, the computer can’t tell cut of meat that is on the grill, so cooking times will vary by the thickness.  It’s a well-designed, high-end grill priced at $500. Now you have a few options for cooking out on your patio without violating your lease.  Like all electric grills, these options are easy to clean.  You can now cook anything from steak and fish to vegetables and Texas toast on your patio. It’s time to get outside and enjoy your grill while experiencing the beautiful spring-time weather. 

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